Report Knockoff Autographs - Knockoff Autographs

Report Knockoff Autographs

Fighting Knockoff Autographs etc
Fighting Knockoff Autographs etc

Supporting - Legitimate - Authentic Autograph Sellers

We estimate that 85% of Autographs currently sold online are fake

We fight fake autographs
It can be extremely difficult for end users to identify which autographs are authentic and which are knockoffs.

USA Anti Piracy is pleased to work with various agencies - suppliers of genuine autographs and with celebrities to determine which items are genuine - authentic and which are counterfeit autographs - fake autographs.

We also have special arrangements with online sites such as Google and ebay (who recognize us as being experts who supply a valuable service). This means that when we report counterfeit autographs - knockoff autographs; they listen to us and act upon our reports.

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