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About Capone, about eBay

About eBay Knockoffs

In Prohibition era Chicago, "everyone" knew where illegal distilleries and speakeasies were located. But people were unwilling to act against them and unwilling to "take on" Capone.

The same can be said today about knockoffs. We all know that the sale and distribution of counterfeit goods is a modern cancer. We all know that eBay is a Major carrier. Indeed; although eBay is not a criminal enterprise, it facilitates criminal activity.

Capone was a bootlegger and killer who traded with killers. eBay facilitates modern bootlegging and facilitates the sale of counterfeit goods which can kill. It can be argued that eBay trades with killers. It can also be argued that eBay has a vested interest in the sale of fakes, knockoffs and counterfeit goods.

eBay is the most successful auction site of all time and at the time of writing, eBay has a reported global customer base of 233,000,000 people in 37 countries (including North America).

Unfortunately; eBay has acquired a reputation as being an "open market" for the supply of fake goods - pirated goods. Put simply - eBay profits from criminal activity and the sale of illegal, dangerous and life threatening goods. However; eBay is an unwilling partner in piracy. They cannot be experts in every field and they cannot police every transaction.

As a result of this problem and in the face of much criticism, eBay created the Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) Program, with a view to allowing rights owners to report listings that infringe rights of license or copyright holders.

eBay also provides a reporting facility whereby eBay users can report infringements directly to eBay. However; this is largely ineffectual. We can prove that eBay tend to ignore such reports - even when the infringement is open and obvious and the listing is in clear violation of eBay's own rules.

Report Knockoffs and USA Anti Piracy have negotiated dedicated reporting facilities with eBay so that people can report knockoffs to us, we will investigate and report to eBay. We have also launched our own USA Vero 2 program whereby rights holders can work with us to fight knockoffs of their products or services -we will police the internet and remove fakes on behalf of members.

We are currently in discussions with numerous companies and individuals who have been affected by illicit items having been sold on eBay or currently being sold on eBay (one company director even accused eBay of "effectively facilitating and profiting from theft").

USA Anti Piracy is proud to work with eBay, license holders, governmental departments worldwide and (if necessary) the media to resolve the knockoffs epidemic.

By working with eBay, we can monitor listings and report infringing items or persistent abuse. eBay then removes the item or abuser and we continue to monitor for re-listings and act again when necessary.

Our aim is to work with and assist buyers, license holders and legitimate websites in the struggle against knockoffs - piracy.

However; although we regularly succeed in removing sellers who trade in Counterfeit Goods - knockoffs, the problem is massive and it is not confined to eBay (there are also issues with sites such as iOffer, Gumtree and others) - please note that we do not provide links to such sites because we do not want to promote them.

About knockoffs in the USA

During Prohibition, many considered bootlegging to be a "victimless crime"
They were proven wrong - "the mob" grew and became strong because of Bootlegging

The trade in Counterfeits, Fakes and Knockoffs is "the new bootlegging"

Knockoff goods come in many forms and from multiple sources. Eg; knockoff software and movies may be produced by a lone pirate (often working in a kitchen, bedroom or shed) or a "knockoff factory" with multiple DVD copying machines which clone CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray disks.

Other pirates may purchase knockoffs for re-sale from various websites - please note that we do not provide links to such sites because we do not want to promote them (we work to close them).

Knockoffs are often sourced from factories in India or China (Guangzhou - also known as Canton or Kwangchow, China is probably the counterfeiting capital of the world). These goods are purchased in bulk for resale in the USA. Sellers are usually aware of the true nature of their stock but this may not always be the case because some suppliers claim to be OEM factories and their stock is surplus or seconds. However; we feel that in most cases, only an idiot would believe this.

Other knockoff goods include Oils and liquids (such as brake fluid). In these cases, low quality products are often transferred to Premium grade containers (eg; low quality oil used to fill Premium grade Oil containers and this is then sold as Premium Grade oil). In such cases, the buyer is obviously risking serious damage to his car - or worse. Some companies and individuals even use eBay to sell fake brake pads and other safety critical components.

Potentially the most costly of knockoff - counterfeit goods (in terms of danger to human life) is probably counterfeit medicines. USA Anti Piracy will also be working with legitimate companies and law enforcement agencies to combat this danger.

We invite legitimate companies to contact us and to work with us via our USA Vero 2 anti knockoff program (or UK Veros anti fake program) - we can help.