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Fighting Knockoff Computer Parts and Fake Computers

We work with responsible major computer manufacturers, their legal departments and Intellectual Property lawyers. We actively search on their behalf for counterfeit goods. We log details (as evidence), we make test purchases and we report knockoff computer hardware (counterfeit computer hardware).

Additionally; many people submit reports Report Knockoff hardware and software. USA Anti Piracy investigates and records reports of knockoff computer hardware and we submit this to the appropriate parties (including law enforcement agencies) worldwide - as above.

Counterfeit Computer Software and Counterfeit Computer Games have been a problem for many years and affects many USA based companies. 

It should be understood that knockoff hardware - counterfeit computer hardware is produced - copied by criminals.

However; Counterfeit computer hardware is widely available, and some of this hardware is potentially life threatening. There have been numerous cases over the last few years where people have bought fake power supplies - counterfeit AC adapters (usually from online auction sites such as eBay), only to find that these items are sub standard. Indeed, these AC adapters have actually overheated, melted, "burst into flames" they can - have caused caused physical injury and death.

There are also cases of Counterfeit Batteries, Counterfeit Hard Drives, Counterfeit Graphics Cards, Counterfeit CPU`s, Counterfeit Memory Cards and many other fake computer components being sold (mainly online) but also being offered to legitimate computer dealers for resale as genuine products.

Additionally; many Counterfeit Computers, Fake Tablet Computers and Fake Mobile Phones are also being offered for sale.

We work with legitimate computer manufacturers, copyright license holders, their legal departments, lawyers and the authorities to identify and report issues and to take action against offenders.

We fight computer piracy - Knockoff Computer Parts

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