Claim a Refund Payment for Fake, Knockoff and Counterfeite Goods

Claim a Refund for Knockoffs

Payment refunds for fakes and knockoffs service


Free claim refund of payment for counterfeits service

If you have unknowingly bought fake goods; you have been scammed by a criminal. This makes you are a victim and we help victims of Knockoffs and Counterfeit Goods to claim a refund for your payment.

When you tell us about fakes that you have purchased, we will work with you and for you (at no charge). We will help you to claim a refund (get your money back). Please note; do not return the goods - they are your evidence.

This is a free service; we work with manufacturers, legitimate suppliers and legal departments worldwide (we just ask that you "spread the word").


We will investigate your case, we will review your Piracy Report and we will take appropriate action. If the reported goods are illegal fakes, we will recommend, support and advise that you claim a full refund.

If we find that the supplier is selling fake goods - counterfeit goods, we will usually identify all license holders and the sales agent (eg; eBay) and we will provide reports so that action can be taken against the counterfeiters. We often find that the same people are reported time and again. This allows us to build up a case history; so every report is important.

We never supply peoples names or contact details without explicit permission to do so.

ie; we treat your contact details as confidential.