Report Knockoff Appliances, counterfeit Appliances and dangerous Appliances

Report Knockoff Appliances

Report Knockoff Appliances, Counterfeit Appliances, Fake Appliances

Overview of Knockoff Appliances

Knockoff Appliances Sold in America

Welcome to the Report Knockoffs - Knockoff Appliances page.

All of the genuine appliances manufacturers featured in our pages have spend years and considerable amounts of money developing products, improving manufacturing processes, improving design features and building a reputation for high end quality Appliances.

Knockoff appliances - Counterfeit Appliances tend to be manufactured from cheap materials, using inferior processes and sub-standard components. Every counterfeit appliance which we have seen is of far lower quality than the original. Many counterfeit appliances can best be described as "a waste of money" and some fake appliances are downright dangerous and even life threatening.

Additionally; genuine appliances manufacturers and authorized agents spend years building good reputations and nurturing a good name. Knockoff appliances are usually either cheap and nasty copies of quality brands or they are of a similar type and simply bear the name of a quality brand in order to con potential buyers into believing that they are buying a genuine - quality appliance.

Please also be aware of knockoff spares being fitted during repairs or service. There are numerous examples of fake parts knowingly being used during a repair to either save costs (the savings may or may not be passed on to the end user), or unknowingly - where knockoff appliance parts are labeled as being genuine appliance parts.

There is also an increasing trend for illegal vendors to pretend to be authorized genuine appliance agents and appliance dealers. They then sell counterfeit appliances - knockoff appliances to customers. The customer naturally believes that they have bought a genuine appliances and blames the legitimate manufacturer (often via online forums and also by "word of mouth"). This phenomenon can have devastating repercussions for the genuine manufacturer and can ruin a company's good name.

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